Being a military kid, I was blessed to travel the world with my family. Traveling to beautiful places, such as Hawaii and Germany, gave me a clear picture of how intriguing and different the world can be. But, during this time, I really didn't care for the camera, because I was not the one taking the pictures. It was my mother. Oh, she loved to snap pictures of her children standing next to things she had never seen before. But, this was her life; her "get-away" from the world that she thought was dying.

But, in actuality, she was the one slowly dying; of cancer. And, in 2001, I sat by her bed as she passed away. This was the day I finally paid attention to her. Not to what she said, but to what she saw. I looked through some of her old picture albums, and saw that she had a real passion for life. Later that year, I bought my first camera and never stopped taking pictures. So, in essence, I am shooting for her and she is shooting through me.

As far as my beginnings in photography, I started off taking pictures for the AggieLand Yearbook at Texas A&M University. Before earning a degree in Electrical Engineering, I decided that I wanted to learn more about photography. Thus, I took a couple of classes on the study of darkroom and digital photography techniques. When people saw my creative talent, they wanted me to photograph their events. Photographing some of the biggest events across the state, I was greatly recognized for my work. From there, I ventured into other areas, such as model portfolios, music artists, and wedding photography, ultimately creating Light Writer Photography.